The Freelance Farrier
19yrs Qualified DWCF Farrier
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My hours of work are from 0800hrs till 1800hrs per day. The start time can be changed to fit in with your business.

I will travel to your place of business & will arrive prompt, clean shaven, fit and ready for work.

I will travel with the client to his/her customers & help in the preparing, fitting and finishing off in all types of shoeing. Shires MAY incure an extra charge.

I will have no lunch hour but will replenish myself whilst moving between clients.

A full days work includes up to 10hrs £160 per day, £16per hr.

For every day I work again within that week I will discount £10. If this becomes regular then I will offer better rates.

2 day's work £320 - £20 = £300
3 days work £480 - £30 = £450
4 day's work £640 - £40 = £600
Offer only avaliable to farriers up to 70 miles away.

Overtime after 1800hrs is set at £30per hr there after.(All above is for within 70 miles catchment area anything over this will incure more charges,please see my "Areas covered page" for more details.)

All payment is CASH ONLY. (bank transfer may be possible after i've worked with you for at least 10 full days)
Payment is settled after each day unless contracted to work 2, 3 or 4 days & is settled after each block booking.

I will allow plenty of driving time to arrive but due to unforeseen circumstances i.e. road works, accidents, diversions and vehicle breakdown I will always keep you in the loop to my ETA.


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Welcome About MeAreas coveredPricesLinksContact Me